Football Targeting Rules Essay

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The Targeting Rule Should Be Taken Out of Football
What do you expect when big grown men are running and hitting each other full speed? Throughout the history of football, hard hits have been a major part of the sport. It is a rough and physical sport that is not for everyone. Over the past 5 years, more rules have been set in place to protect players from suffering concussions. The targeting rule has gotten so severe, that you can now get ejected from a game. The severity of the new rules are not good for the sport, and they need to be changed.
Football is a one of the most violent sports that anyone can play. Trying to make it safe is almost impossible. The consequences of the rules have gotten so serious, that it has effected the way that players play the game now. The rule changes has caused defensive players to play more conservative. This makes it easier for offenses to catch ball, and indirectly creates and unfair advantage. Defensive players are more timid about …show more content…

For instance, the Georgia Bulldogs were playing the Vanderbilt Commodores and there was a questionable play. The officials ended up ruling the play targeting and a star linebacker for Georgia was ejected from the game. He was a very important piece to the defense, and this penalty caused to place a new player in the game that was not use to playing a lot. The change effect the game immediately, because on that same drive Vanderbilt scored to take the lead and ended up winning the game. This is has a major impact to the players in the NFL as well. Multiple instances have occurred where the targeting rule has been enforced and the players end up getting fined thousands of dollars playing the game that they are getting paid to play. It is their job to play football and it makes it hard for the players to do their job efficiently when rules like this interfere with there

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