Fordism: Spawning New Management Styles Essay

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In this essay the focus is on Henry Ford and Fordism. The first paragraph of the essay is an introduction of Fredrick W Taylor, and how Fordism is derived from the ideas of Taylorism. It also looks at the main ideas behind Fordism and scientific management. Further in the essay the importance is to look at the different ideas of Fordism (the mass-production, the $5 day, the division of labour and management style), and on why it was important at is time and the effect following from those ideas. The essay has two different paragraphs discussing the positive and the negative effects of Fordism on management and organisations, and workers and society. In the end of the essay there is some paragraphs about the new forms of …show more content…

(Fred Thompson 2007) But whit the mass production, it was also a small differentiation in the products, in Ford’s case the cars, and one example for that was Henry Ford once saying “ you can have the car in what ever colour you like, as long as its black”.

Fordism led the transformation from an agriculture to an economy growing because of mass production and mass consumption. (Fred Thompson 2007)The mass production and mass consumption led to an economic growth and widespread material advancement (Fred Thomsen 2007; Robert Boyer 2010) One of the main principle of Fordism was the $5 day, which was double the normal pay and working less hours for those who were qualified, so the workers would stay loyal and work efficient, but also so his own workers would be able to afford the car he was producing, and the demand for Ford cars would increase. But for the workers to be qualified they had to have a satisfactory life-stile, like absence from alcohol (RMIT University 2012) But the $5 day was criticised, from example the socialist daily news people, saying is was a scheme to make it difficult for the competitors, but in the general public the $5 days was perceived as a risky move, but also bold, democratic and magnanimous. (Ray Batchelor 1994) It have also been said that Fordism and it higher wages led to productivity growth, economic growth but also an

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