Forensic Reporting

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Forensic reportingEven the best executed investigation is of little value if it is not properly reported.To start, the identification and credentials of the investigator must be stated. It is normally not acceptable to write a report as a group, as the investigator could be called upon to testify should be easy to determine who is taking responsibility for the report. Before the reporting of the actual work done can start, it is important to include a section with the terms of reference. This explains the technical terms that is not generally known and any acronyms it might appear in the report. This is important for any readers that are not familiar with forensic terminology.Next a short background to the investigation must be given for the benefit other readers who are not familiar with the case the case.After the background is given, a section on the mandate must be included. This needs to explain who requested and authorized the investigation.It is also important define the scope of the investigation clearly, so that it is clear that the investigation did not venture outside of the legally authorized scope.The evidence must be clearly identified, inclusive of serial numbers and any other identification that can be used to confirm that it is the same as the evidence that was acquired. Where used, the hash codes for the evidence items should also be included to show …show more content…

Copies of all the relevant evidence of items must be included as annexures at the end of the report. Even though this might sometimes lengthy, it is important to include all the relevant detail and to make certain that it is easy to find and read. While it is often a lot of work to create a well-written report, it can help to explain many things and in many cases, reduce the need for lengthy

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