Fort Macmur Fire Myth

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The first myth that strikes me as significant would be the myth: Workers in the disaster situation are not affected by disaster or will abandon their positions. This particular myth strikes me as significant because as a first responder I have seen first hand the impacts of first responder’s after an event happens. In the reading about this myth, it was said that responders work long shifts and often burn themselves out. This is true, as an emergency responder you have the obligation to protect and serve your community and others if required in times of need. This may require long amounts of hours. However, with working long shifts there are always medical first responders on scene monitoring the other responder’s ensuring their safety as well. …show more content…

There are always people willing to provide a support system, and many professional resources we have available to us in any case we may need to help cope. As a first responder, many people understand that we must still fulfill our duties and responsibilities. When disaster strikes, many emergency responders are always willing to volunteer to help in any ways they can. For example, The Fort MacMurray Fire in May 2016, This fire had a significant impact on many people across Alberta. When extra resources were being requested we immediately had several crews ready to go help. We had a small number of members that were significantly impacted by the fires as their families were evacuated or lost their homes. However, this did not stop them from volunteering to go offer their services. Often times, people will request to volunteer even when it was not requested by the event command, during these fires we had several evacuees in our town and we chose to as a department provide a barbeque for victims of the fires. This was a way for us to help without going to the scene until

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