Fossil Fuels Argument Essay

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Fossil fuels are fuel sources that, despite being terrible for the environment, are the most used source of electricity and transport in America, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Recently, the Spokane City Council voted to add an ordinance to the November ballot. This ordinance would tax trains transporting coal and oil through the city, but two weeks after this vote, the Council President said that they were not going to include it on the ballot. There appear to be numerous reasons for why the council changed their minds, but the most prominent reason appears to also be the most powerful, money. On the twenty-fifth of July, the Spokane City Council unanimously voted to add an ordinance that would tax to trains transporting coal and oil through the city. Their goal was to protect the Spokane Aquifer and the Spokane River from pollution and reduce safety risks to first responders at derailments. However, two weeks later, the council was considering the withdrawal of the tax. Ben Stuckart, the president, met with two railroad companies to work out safer ways to transport the dangerous fuels, and he said that his concerns were being heard for the first …show more content…

Walters explains that protecting rivers in general isn’t a local issue, however, protecting the Spokane Aquifer is (para. 18). Therefore, despite depending on this weak exception to federal law, the ordinance could be passed, as the Spokane Aquifer supplies the entire city with drinkable water, and if it was polluted, an entire city would be without potable water. Additionally, uncovered coal trains often drop coal into people’s yard, also known as private property, thus local governments can regulate uncovered coal trains because they intrude on private property, but the local government would still have trouble with the ordinance because it applies to oil trains as

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