Foster Care Essay

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The foster care system is not beneficial to children because transitioning kids out of their home, into a foster parents’ residence, and then to a variety of other locations does not have a positive effect on children. In fact, transitioning foster kids often creates a great deal of issues that snowball into a much more serious effect. Some of the issues that arise from transitioning kids in foster care are the lack of preparation into adulthood, education success decrease, and having mixed feelings on various issues. Luckily, this process can be fixed. To raise fosters to become contributing, successful adults, it is necessary for a replacement of the foster care system. What it would be replaced with is an institution that values family …show more content…

Ageing out is when a foster kid has to transition into adulthood. Anyhow, the plan requires the young adult to become an independent adult and move out of the foster parents’ home and care. Children who were raised in foster care who have to transition into adulthood from the foster care system lack this safety net (“Home - Child Welfare Information Gateway). Foster children do not play by the same rules regular children do. Foster children do not get the extra help and support normal children are given after the leave the nest. Fosters are simply on their own and this lack of help and guidance stunts achievements that will soon be announced.
Transitioning children from one home to another does more harm than good because when it is time for the child to go off on their own, they are not prepared. According to “Home - Child Welfare Information Gateway,” not only do fosters lack the support needed to succeed in adulthood when they are forced to leave the system, but those who leave the foster care system are more likely to drop out, be unemployed or homeless, have more health and mental health issues. They are also more likely to not have health insurance, develop a financial crisis, become teen parents, use drugs and become acquainted with the justice system. Children in foster care should have individuals in their lives, that they can trust, to help them overcome adult obstacles. With some help and advice through this major

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