Four Elements Of A Crime

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Part One What are elements of a crime? -Once an individual has or is believed to have committed a crime, there are four aspects that must be considered in order to attempt to identify their guilt or innocence. These four aspects being intent, conduct, concurrence and causation. Intent meaning that this individual must have in some form, illustrated their desire to commit such crime through mental thought. This concept being referred to by the term “mens rea” that translates to “guilty mind” and the suspect’s validation of whether or not they truly possessed such thought. The second element, conduct, refers to the the suspect’s physical attempt to act on such intent, also known as “actus rea” or “guilty act.” The next element, concurrence, is the evaluation of the crime through the attempt to identify a connection between the suspect’s intent and conduct, mental and physical actions that could have produced the crime. And lastly, causation refers to the result of such intent and conduct of the suspect and whether or not these two elements truly led to the crime. Locate a crime in the California Penal Code. Identify it by the section # and “common name.” -A crime that came to my attention was one concerning the use of boobytraps that is found in section number 20110 and given the common name Boobytrap. Then discuss the actus reus and mens rea. What are the “elements” that make up this crime? -This crime contains the same four elements when attempting to identify the
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