Four Types Of Attachment Analysis

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During the first 8 months, my daughter formed a strong attachment to me and her father. According to Ainsworth strange situation and patterns of attachment theories, children react differently to being separated from their mother and left alone with strangers. There are four types of attachments known as avoidant, ambivalent, secure, and disorganized-disorientated attachment patterns. For the most part, my daughter had a secure attachment while showing signs of ambivalent attachment behavior at times. According to Thomas and Chess's studies, classic temperamental categories for babies include easy, difficult, and slow-to-warm-up temperaments. Katherine has a slow-to-warm-up temperament which means she takes longer to adjust to new situations…show more content…
She started to become clingy, hesitant, and uncooperative. I did not force her to be in environments where she was shy and allowed her to slowly become comfortable with other kids. She eventually got used to children and her vocabulary was growing by imitating words other people said. By the age of three, I had another daughter and Katherine began to show signs of jealousy. This was resolved by allowing her to get involved with taking care of the baby and show affection. She also joined preschool and her behavior was still hesitant towards other kids. I tried to expand her social experiences by joining different group play dates with kids from her preschool. By age four, her vocabulary became more advanced and her language comprehension improved as well. She started to become more outgoing as she interacted with other children. However, she began to show aggressiveness at times. By five, she started kindergarten where she learned letters and their sounds. Her personality has changed constantly from the way she interacted with others to the way she treats her sister. Now, she is six years old and already in first grade. Overall, Katherine is not popular in her first grade class but has enough friends to play with. She is also showing an interest in things having to do with art and science. Her temperament has remained to be slow-to-warm-up since she was a
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