Fr. Nicholas: Globalization of Superficiality

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Fr. Nicolas has stated that the “globalization of superficiality” refers to the fact that we have more information than ever, but we have less ability to think, to reflect, and to digest the information we have acquired. As social media has unearthed its profound, and what seems to be, vital place in our global community, instant communication techniques have become pervasive, which in turn, have caused many public opinions to conclude that social media discourages deep reflection and engagement. This might be true in some cases; however, social media serves many different opportunities for connectivity and community, business and marketing, or even entertainment and media coverage. People take to Twitter and other forms of social media to simply discuss what is going on in the world or in their environments. It is not a place where many people will likely be comfortable speaking on such deep issues of love or the human mind. Our thought process with social media is just that, social. It is ideal for meeting new people or discovering and sharing the latest story. I believe from there that deeper reflection and thought can originate.
Time and time again, we see stories that have been transmitted worldwide thanks to social outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. Undoubtedly, due to social media’s influence and technological ease, it is natural for immediate and internal deliberation of a story to become somewhat “superficial.” Granted, society may not critically think about

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