Fragile Fun Research Paper

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Fragile Fun
The sun shone down on the small above-ground pool, only brightening the face of eleven-year-old Reagan McBride. She has osteogenesis imperfecta, a disease in which your bones become delicate and easy to fracture(Billock). She is also paralyzed from the neck down, with constrained movement of her small and narrow arms(Billock). A grin spreads on her face as an otter swims through her hands, her eyes shutting with excitement and joy. Reagan and her family were taken on a journey through the San Diego Zoo, as requested by Reagan to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. An exclusive look at the animals in the zoo and she was off to her next adventure: Nurtured by Nature. Nurtured by Nature quickly became her favorite part of the outing, …show more content…

I mean, they are only a small organization that makes children happy and preserves life. Why donate, right? No. Why not donate is the question. This organization works constantly to eliminate sadness and despair, just to give you the advantage of mental convenience. This charity is profitable but pursuant. They pursue knowledge, experience, and the feeling of knowing that you have helped someone who needed it. The sufficient gifts of knowledge that Nurtured by Nature provides can be in no question. No matter the number of people helped, this organization pushes on, never ceasing to amaze, gathering more and more into their national hug of confiding joy. This, my friend, is the purpose of such an organization.As seen in previous evidence, “In 2013 we provided over 175 otter/animal encounters, 72 of which were free of charge”(Nurtured). The Make-A-Wish Foundation’s children and patients have benefited from this organization, giving it yet another argument towards the logic of why Nurtured by Nature should continue. They are helping others to find sweet triumphs in life, and no reasonable sense in my mind would find a valid excuse for them to terminate that process. Could you imagine what your life would be like if you moped around all day, dull and weary of the world around you? Your life would be a continuous misery in which you could not escape. Darkness would cloud your vision until their was just no additional reasons for you to smile. Nurtured by Nature breaks people from that darkness, exposing them to rays of sunlight, little by little, until they find reasons to smile every second of every day. So many people have had a chance to experience such a eye-opening event. Now it is your turn. Stand up for the natural community and yourself by coming to Nurtured by Nature. You can donate to help save our otter friends, paying thanks to the light that they have so easily brought to you. Slick, cute, fuzzy, new

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