Frankenstein and Industrialization Essay

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Frankenstein and Industrialization

How did the changes brought about by the factory system challenge the family? How do some of the authors included in Chapter Four, in Rogers, treat this issue? Does Mary Shelley have any insights or criticisms with regard to the family and industrial society?

The changes brought about by the factory system changed drastically the whole family structure. This is especially evident from the way children and women were treated in the industrial society. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein discusses changes within the family from two different perspectives one of which is Victor's and the other one that of the creature. The Industrial Revolution created a unique new category of people who were …show more content…

So factory and mine owners depended on child labor greatly. They especially depended on children who were good with their hands and parents realizing an extra income often forced their children into work. As a result, children got abused and injured constantly. In Aspects of Western Civilization, Rogers refers to different accounts of children being physically deformed for life as a result of their employment. He also provides statistics on children's death causes, which include causes like: falling down the shafts, drowning in the mines, suffocating of choke-damp. "An imperfect abstract from the registration of deaths for the year 1838, gives a total, in p. 177-178
Perry Rogers also includes Friedrich Engels' work The Impact of the Factory System on Women and the Family. Engels discusses the conditions that women were put into due to the Industrialization. The family unit was broken down when women started working for the factories because they would work more than thirteen hours a day. This kind of employment left the women no time for the family functions such as cooking diners and caring for children. Very often women would come back to work three days after the childbirth. Women had no time nor health to care for their children the regular way. It is noted that in factory districts some parents used narcotics to keep their children still. Dr. Johns, Registrar in Chief for Manchester, is of opinion that

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