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Frankenstein's Creature Is A Victim Not A Villain

In this essay I aim to discuss the statement "Frankenstein's creature is a victim not a villain"

In 1814 Mary Wollestonecraft met Percy shelly, a poet and writer. They ran away together, to escape Mary's family and Percy's pregnant wife,
Harriet. Harriet drowned herself and Mary and percy were married two weeks later. "Frankenstein" was started in 1816 and finally published in 1818.

From 1815 to 1819 three of mary Shelly's four children died in infancy, these series of deaths may have encouraged shelly to continue writing "Frankenstein".

Shelly was good friends with Lord Byron, a famous romantic poet. Along with her husband, he influenced shelly while she was writing …show more content…

It is my thought that the creature was at first like a baby as he had just been "born". Therefore he would have seen
Frankenstein as his parent . However the creature is shunned by
Frankenstein and is called such names as a "miserable monster". Going on, Frankenstein feels that what he has done is totally wrong and starts regretting what he has done more and more calling his creation a "miserable monster" and a "demoniacal corpse to which I have so miserably given life".

The creature finds books belonging to Frankenstein. These include
Frankenstein's journal and "Paradise Lost", a poem about the war between God and the Angel Lucifer. He takes this poem literally, believing it to have actually happened. Many times throughout the book he likens himself to Lucifer, cast away from his creator and forced to live in misery. This may deepened his self pity and his final hatred of Frankenstein. "I, like the arch fiend" is one line where he likens himself to the Devil. He sees himself as an earthly Satan, however is even envious of him, as Satan has his followers for company and the creature is alone with his pain.

After he is attacked by the peasant family that he has watched over and finally approached, he says that he wished to "spread havoc and destruction around me and then to have sat back and enjoyed the ruin". this shows the first temptation that the creature had to perform acts

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