Frankenstein's Life Lessons

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I’d like to think that when i graduate i’d be more excited rather than sad to leave, but truth be told i’m more sad to do so. All your life you have been told where to sit, where to go and how to do it. Everyone has been holding my hand this whole time and now i’m choosing my class schedule for college, something that was made for me my whole life. Throughout senior year i have learned valuable life lessons which will help me, throughout college and life in general. Would you believe me if i told you most of those lessons were learned right here in Mrs.Hilers senior english class?
Every person has a different reason for reading some use it to see where our consequences might lead while others use it to see through the eyes of other people. …show more content…

In the story of “Frankenstein”, Victor Frankenstein creates a creature. When the creature awakens Victor is so disgusted in his creation, he runs away and becomes severely depressed.. The creature searches for Victor, but ends up finding a little boy who turns out to be Victor's little brother, William. The creature kills William, and Victor comes home for the funeral. This is how the creature finds him. While reading the book you notice that all the Creature ever wanted was for Victor to love him. He kind of saw him as a god, and as his creator he must have to love him. The Creature soon realizes that Victor despises him. So he proposes a deal, Victor creates a wife for him and he’ll leave. In the process of creating his wife victor stops, he tears all the pieces apart. The creature slowly ruins Victor's life. When Victor is on his deathbed the Creature comes to him and cries. The Creature ends up killing himself shortly after. Throughout the book we learn to understand why the creature did what he did. He hurt Victor because Victor hurt him. He just wanted to be accepted by Victor, above anything else. We see the story through Victors and The creatures perspectives. Victor hated that he created the creature and he thought that he was his biggest mistake, and the creature just wanted to be …show more content…

You read several of the most common reasons why we go in debt. I remember one of my reasons was shopping and how i have no self control when it comes to shopping. The end of the essay, in the conclusion you talk about how you’re going to prevent yourself from going into debt. I remember talking about how i was going to make myself a budget, so i could only spend so much on random things. Even though it was only an essay, i do have a problem with spending money when shopping. I made myself a budget and it stuck with me to this day i still follow through with it. Writing about why most people go into debt, makes you really think about them. You start to see that even you are applicable to some. Another essay you do in Mrs.Hilers is the Shrek essay. Yes, you’ll be writing about the movie Shrek. You’ll watch the movie in class, and you’ll be proposed different topics you can write an essay about. I picked the topic “why Fionia is a contemporary woman.” Meaning why Fionia belonged in the present rather than in past. This was probably my favorite essay of the whole year. The Shrek essay really helped me examine the movie Shrek better than you usually would. I think this essay really brought the kid out of me, since i ended up watching the movie a few times. Theses essays have made me grow as a writer, essays are becoming easier to

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