Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis Essay

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“What has happened to me? he thought.”(Kafka, 495) This quote is from the narrator in Kafka’s tale; The Metamorphosis, when Gregor Samsa wakes up and finds himself turned into a giant insect, and it was apparently not a dream. Gregor was a traveling salesman, he hated his job, but he was forced to stay in that business in order to pay his father’s debts to his boss, and maintain a comfortable lifestyle to his family. Kafka presents the metamorphosis event in an interesting way, when it seemed that Gregor was not shocked by the transformation, causing a little mystery, especially that Kafka did not provide any events prior to the metamorphosis scene. Several themes emerge in the story; however they all contribute to the main theme of …show more content…

These days, it is very rare and almost fascinating to see the son providing all the financial support for the family, but for Gregor this lifestyle was natural and it was one of the main reasons for his downfall. Prior to the metamorphosis, Gregor’s primary concern is to keep up with the family’s needs and pay his father’s debts and maybe send his sister to the Conservatory to learn the violin. This amount of duties became natural to Gregory, it became a major stress in his life, and he would even feel guilty if he can not be up to the expectations “The next train went at seven; to catch it he must hurry madly, and his collection of samples was not packed;” (Kafka, 496) despite the fact that he is a bug, he still wants to go to work in order to make money and help his family. Gregor’s concerns with the duties he was responsible for are related to the financial pressure situation; therefore it contributed to the same outcome, which is gaining more sense of alienation.
After the metamorphosis, Gregor is no longer able to keep up with the family’s expectations; but rather the family now has a new duty of taking care of their bug son. The family handles Gregor’s state with more isolation when they lock him up in his room, and the only thing he was receiving is food and some minor cleaning from his sister. But after a while, the

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