Frederick Douglass Evil Is Evil

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Evil is Evil
Frederick Douglass was a slave and his life was very difficult. He was to do what he was told no questions asked. If he did ask questions or even defend himself, he was beaten. He even attempted to fun away and failed, but that did not stop him he tried and seceded at running away the second time. it is obvious that slavery largely affected blacks, but the white man was also affected to.
White people were not affected to the extent of being beaten. They were the ones doing the beating. It is difficult to understand why and how they could sole, beat, even kill another person. The people that did not do those things might have been talked into thanking that it was ok. If they were in the country if the beat there slaves it was praised “killing a slave or a colored person, in Talbot country, Maryland, is not treated as a crime, either by the courts or the community”. (page 14) In the city they didn’t beat them as much because people talked. If a person didn’t believe slavery was not right it might have been difficult to fight against it. They might have worried what people thought. “those who sympathized with me were not prepared to do this. It required a degree of courage un known to them to do so; for just as that time, the slightest manifestation of humanity toward a colored person was denounced as abolitionism, and the name subjected its bearer to frightful liabilities”. (page 58) They were afraid to stand up. All of them were afraid.
It was also bad for

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