Fredrick's Leadership Qualities

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Leadership is a skill that not many people use as much as they should. The excuse is that they don’t know what makes a leader and how to become one. Great examples of leaders that we know today are people like Abraham Lincoln, Harriett Tubman, Fredrick Douglass, and more. These showed outstanding leadership during one of America’s darkest periods; the Civil War. What certain characteristics or qualities made these people who they are known for to this day? Do these characteristics apply to everyone, or just these individuals? One characteristic that made these people leaders was courage.

Courage isn’t an easy trait; in fact, it’s fascinating to see people with immense courage because people know how difficult it is to have that specific skill. …show more content…

Fredrick’s skill to read and write was amazing, and was very useful for him too. With him living as a slave, he was able to communicate through one of his autobiographies and show the people of the United States, and the world for that matter, of the horrors of slavery. Douglass even states this in his autobiography titled, “Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an American Slave”, by Fredrick Douglass, which states, “It (his skill in reading) had given me a view of my wretched condition, without remedy. It opened my eyes to the horrible pit, but to no ladder upon which to get out.” After escaping slavery, he became an important figure in the abolishment movement and gave speeches, wrote autobiographies, and published his own abolishment newspaper. Without his kind of communication, we would never have known the truth of slavery and Douglass might never have been who he is known for today. However, one skill that brings together the most successful leaders is …show more content…

You can be a man of action, but if you don’t have a goal, an agenda planned in your head, or if you don’t have courage or good communication for that matter, you might as well not have taken action in the first

place. In the end, these three skills that make a great leader are just the beginning. People will have their own opinions about the qualities of what makes a leader great, and that’s great. Honestly, a good leader needs to have a lot of characteristics in order to lead people for something you believe in. As long as you have a goal in mind, good communication, courage, and initiative, you can become the leader that will help make a better change for your country and our

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