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Free-Rain Theatre Company was established in1995. Based in Canberra, ACT, often working at The Canberra Theatre and The Q. Free-Rain is one of Canberra’s premier theatre companies, yet as this reviewer sat in the Courtyard Theatre on the night of October 25th, they were utterly disappointed by the set. Minimal, bare wooden steps, seats, fragile tables etc, were slightly inadequate, but did portray the ‘Great Depression’ emotions, large amounts of cheap, unkempt wood. The real downside however was what the Director decided to use to section off part of the stage. Wire latticework, “chook shed” mechanism of separating the offstage actors from the actors performing. You could clearly see what was happening behind the screen of wire and it was extremely difficult to focus on what was happening. Given the tiny stage at the Courtyard Studio and assuming that the backstage space is even smaller, stage traffic jams and collisions were also unavoidable. This is possibly the reason for having the offstage characters behind the latticework, however this reviewer found it greatly damaging to the performance and did not do the glorious screenplay and book justice. One immeasurable consequence of this apparatus was that the mysterious Boo Radley (played by Rob Mitchell) lost some of his mystery, as he was standing in the corner of the stage, though clearly visible.
The screen would have been played to the advantage of the performers when Boo Radley finally makes his famous entrance-

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