Freedom In The Book 1984 By George Orwell

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“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”(Thomas Jefferson). In the book 1984 the author George Orwell depicted a dystopian society where Oceania exhibited no laws, yet freedom only existed through limitations and bounded by watchful eyes of Thought Police. Terror and fear tear this world apart; family values become unworthy and limitations are tested. Winston is one of the intellectual characters who clearly acknowledges the distrust in The Party and Big Brother. He posses traits of a radical and to avoid being caught he hides his way to express himself. There is no freedom in 1984, because individuals have no freedom of speech, no choice in marriage, and no ability to testify against the intellectual standing, which only the party …show more content…

In the novel 1984 this world is flipped upside down, family values like true love, sex, and trust are challenged everyday in the life in Oceania. The value of family and love counter exist, because The Party enforces who the partners are. These couples are matched according to the greatest amount of apathy and disinterest they have for each other. They are only to reproduce and not actually be affectionate with one another unless they have permission from government. “All marriages between Party members had to be approved by a committee or appointed for the purpose, and though the principle was never clearly stated permission was always refused if the couple concerned gave the impression of being physically attracted to one another” (Orwell 37). The only purpose for the marriages was to conceive “children for the service of The Party” (Orwell 37). Since the young children have undeveloped minds they are easily manipulated by the government and are raised to spy on the parents. This creates constant fear, threat and antagonism in the family household. Winston and Julia were one of the main characters to have the forbidden love and hide in secrecy. “We’ve got the whole afternoon. Isn’t this a splendid hide-out? I found it when I got lost once on a community hike.If anyone was coming you could hear them a hundred metres away” (Orwell 69). They express their …show more content…

Oceania portrays a totalitarian society, which states that the government controls everything. Winston and Julia were one of the few that escaped the oppression of the incomprehensive civilization. To be free is to challenge all that stay in your way and achieve your desire no matter the cost, peaceful slavery is for those that don't attain their ambitions and be told their personal worth. “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”(Thomas

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