Freedom Is Not Free

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Is freedom really free? A lot of people argue about this topic, but I believe that freedom is not free because we all as a society fight for our freedom every day. My first example is in the book Fahrenheit 451 the main idea is censored objects and everyone not being avail to have the freedom to believe in books. Another reason why freedom is not free is because how America fought for our freedom,freedom is something that we need to monitor, it is something that is worth fighting for, and it is something that is limited, even in a “free” country. However you may hear America was a “free” country but what about are our limits? Yes I believe that freedom has to be monitored for our safety, but not as individuals we should be available to speak our minds out and say our opinion on what we believe in. In Fahrenheit 451 the authors Hamilton & Bradburry created a fake world set in the future where the people decided that they no longer wanted books with texts due to the inequality free thinking of people (48-50). People believe that they will be happier if they all think that same way. There were firemen who control the people that didn’t understand books weren’t allow and took care of it by burning their homes with the books inside of them.In Fahrenheit 451, the old lady that committed suicide by lighting a match and burning to death with her book states “why live when everything I do is censored and I’am not allow to read my book all rather die”(---). This character knew and
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