Freedom Of Speech By Martin Luther King Jr, A Civil Rights Activist Essay

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, Today I am here to tell you story what justified equality is. Everyone loves idea of being equal. You get to have an same rights and opportunities. But, is that really true? There can be a law about equal rights, but does that mean there will be equality amongst the people? Civil rights movement played big role in United states of America. It brought other races and gender together as whole to function in the country. Martin Luther King Jr, a civil rights activist, was once jailed in Birmingham for breaking discriminate unjust laws. He had every right to use freedom of speech to express his opinion against another group. 1964 civil rights act was published. It’s purpose was to outlaw any discrimination within the country. Just like what Mrs.Foster said “law without enforcement is just a suggestion”.
Now let me tell you a moral story based on justified equality. Sometime ago during the summer, there was this boy who was accused of murdering his own father. He was given a fair trial. There were no clear evidence, but there were people who claimed that they saw the boy do it. After a long trial, twelve jurors gather around in the room to decide guilty or not guilty. Everyone sat down and started to voted. The results were eleven to one. One who voted not guilty was juror eight. juror eight was an upstanding citizen. juror eight was not going to vote guilty unless there was clear evidence. Why? Because him being guilty was not justified. Everyone in

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