Freedom Rewritten

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Courtney Fleming Marcy Holland W-130 15 September 2015 Freedom Rewritten Our freedom is limited because we mistakenly misunderstood what the right to be free meant. Thomas Jefferson’s, “The Declaration of Independence,” argues in his 1776 draft that if the government goes against what people want, they have a right to rebel and form a new type of government. As well as, if there is an unbalanced amount of respect, we the people are turned down the right to a full voice and the activation of our rights. With that being said, he expressed American Freedom around what we were willing to risk for a change and what we would allow come between our wants and needs. Naomi Wolf’s, “Freedom is intended as a challenge,” explains The…show more content…
In addition, Jefferson changed “Life, Liberty and Property” from John Locke to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, which means that it is a matter of what you choose to do to change what you feel is going against your freedom. As well as, how well you contribute to the community and if whatever you’re contributing, is impacting the justice of being free. He did this because he wanted to separate himself from the British. Jefferson believed that Great Britain’s history established “an absolute tyranny” (Jefferson 626). In other words, Great Britain made it seem that we the people had no say in the government and Jefferson wanted to refrain from treating the colonists wrongly. As a result, Jefferson had a very independent goal that aimed towards how he could change the way the government was once forced and allow the people to have the right to say, do, and/or go against what they thought needed to be overthrown. Whereas Jefferson thought the Pursuit of Happiness was a contribution to society rather than self-gratitude, Wolf believed otherwise. Wolf explained the modernized version of the Declaration of Independence directly based on individual rights. Specifically it wasn’t about what we brought to the table in the society which we live in, but what we brought to the table for ourselves to make us feel nothing more but free without demands. Wolf states, “In contemporary America, “happiness” is what you get

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