Fritz Heider's Influence Of Social Psychology

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At the beginning of the 1900s, Social Psychology was in its infancy as psychologists studied individuals and how they thought, felt, and behaved in their social environment. Scientific methods were developed to describe, capture, and measure social relationships and their influence. Fritz Heider was such a psychologists and his work still influences social psychology and its research today. Judgement of conduct, a current study by Dr. Wong Yee Cheung, is influenced by the work of Heider. The work of Heider and Cheung are connected through underlying reasoning and hypothesis.
Theorist, Fritz Heider
Fritz Heider, a social psychologist of the mid-twentieth century, is attributed with the conception of social perception and casual …show more content…

So while the participants are reliving their nostalgic feelings, they answer questions regarding a short scenario and their judgement of the person and event in the scenario. The participants are questioned if the person in the scenario is morally right or wrong, if they should be punished, if a one year jail term is too harsh or mild, and if the participant is able to forgive the person in the scenario for their moral misdemeanors. The questionnaire included about 10 different judgement scenarios.
The questionnaire was easy to complete and easy to understand, but was rather lengthy, taking around 25 minutes to complete. The participants are informed upfront about the length of the survey so it was not a surprise, just seemed rather long. It was also obvious that the researchers planned the questionnaire well, had a variety of different moral judgement scenarios, and had spent a great deal of time developing the most appropriate questionnaire. As students of psychology, much focus is placed on the measurement and analysis of data generated by the study, but Cheung’s questionnaire provided insight into the amount of work that goes in to planning and designing the questionnaires. The outcome of the study, while still ongoing, showed that moral judgement and punishment is harder while engage in nostalgic thoughts and feelings, but forgiveness is easier. The questionnaire is interesting, worth taking, and reflecting back on if you have the time to pursue it.

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