Ftc Settlement Order Bars Texas Doctors ' Group From Joint Price Negotiations

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FTC Settlement Order Bars Texas Doctors ' Group from Joint Price Negotiations

The following allegation is upon Southwest health alliance who runs under BSA provider network in the region of Amarillo, Tyler, TX who is believed to be respondent under section 5 of Federal Trade Commission Act where the Respondent has exhibited Anticompetitive Conduct in the market and which incurred the reduction of consumer benefits in the healthcare market. Upon being proved guilty of allegations, Federal Trade Commission along with the help of Office of Texas Attorney General purposed few judgements in the form of consent order which involves settlements purposes.
In detailed overview of this allegation, Federal Trade
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For all this contracting procedure, physicians can opt to choose a messenger which is known as ‘’messenger model’’ under this the messenger can accept the contract terms from the payers and should inform the physicians and collect the decision unilaterally whether physicians agreed to the terms or not. Similarly, with the consent of physician group messenger can offer the proposed contract by the physicians to payers.
In this instance, BSA Provider Network as a messenger under the contracting terms of ‘’ messenger model’’ was implemented has made a conspiracy plot of making its own decisions by making its own fee schedule instead the decision should be coming from the physicians association in receiving and offering contracts to the payers. Although, BSA provider network has fixed charges many physicians would provide healthcare procedures under their own fee-for-schedule to independent patients, self-insured employers coming out of the terms of BSAPN. Also, BSA provider network many renegotiations with several payers on behalf of physicians intending that the independent physician
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