Fun Home Analysis

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I liked Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home. However, I did not love it. I have read many graphic novels and this is somewhere in the middle, which isn’t bad. Some may think that comparing this work to other works of the same medium is not fair, but I think it is. Let me start off by saying that I love graphic novels and comic books. I think that a work is already a billion times better by just being a graphic novel. It is a medium that still seems so fresh to this day. Every time I read a good one, it makes me wish I read more of them. To me, already the fact that Fun Home is a graphic novel gives it a leg up.
My favorite graphic novel would have to be Watchmen or The Long Halloween. I also loved Blankets which we read last year in Seminar. All of those works are quite noticeably story-heavy, character-driven works. In comparison, Fun Home is a profoundly character-driven piece, but lacks much story at all. And, for the most part, this works. I think after the first two or three sections of Bechdel repeating the much of same information in different contexts, the reader makes up their mind as to whether or not they are on board with this style or not. The other aspect that might annoy some readers is Bechdel’s constant allusions to famous works of literature. I, however, never had an issue with it. I think it shows the impact that her father and …show more content…

It has a very non-linear structure that relies almost entirely on visual cues as indication of time change. If the work was a novel, many of its arguable faults would be too damaging for a casual read. It would be weighed down by endless metaphors and allusions. Likewise, the repetition of the same events over and over again would be a massive chore for any reader. This is why this story only works as a graphic novel and not prose novel or even, in my opinion, a film. This does not in any way hurt the work, it is just an observation as to how the narratives of mediums

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