Functionalism And Emile Durkheim's Views On Society

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Sociology constantly debates how society works. Sociology cannot be proven right or wrong but on the other hand, debated. Every sociologist is entitled to their opinion on the way society forms, works, and influences a specific people of a culture. This is why there are many different sociological perspectives formed from different sociologists that all have different theories on how society works. The founding fathers of sociology developed the three main perspectives: Functionalism, symbolic interactionism, or conflict. In short, the conflict perspective was developed by Karl Marx and he thought that society was a capitalist system. Everyone in society craves power and manipulate others in order to reach power. (Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, 2007) Then, symbolic interactionism also known as micro perspective, is the theory that our daily interactions through small groups are symbolized and make up societal norms and expectations that create society. Lastly, functionalism is the theory that everything in society is connected and needs to balance in order to function properly. Functionalism is the correct perspective in sociology on topics of education, religion and family.
Emile Durkheim had a very large part in developing the theories and explanations for the functionalist perspective of sociology. Durkheim believed that the public education system could work but only if both student and instructor understood and followed his perspective on education. First, the

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