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Adapted from an activity by
Laurel Goodell
February 2013

Introduction to Plate Tectonics via Google Earth (24 pts)
B. Topographic Patterns

Uncheck all of the layers and focus on topographic features of the earth.

Topography of the earth ABOVE sea level


1. Are mountains randomly distributed on the continents, or do they tend to occur in particular patterns (clusters, linear chains, arcs, etc.)?

Some appear in lines and others in arcs

2. Find Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth. Zoom in enough to see the summit, then pan your cursor around to locate the 8840_______ meters highest point (elevations shows up in the status bar at the bottom, as long as
View/Status Bar is selected):

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Be sure to consider topography/bathymetry as well as the earthquake and volcano layers. List several ways and be specific.

In the middle between the two

Without the plate boundary feature, you would still see the change in depth where the mountains are, still feel earthquakes, and see volcanic eruptions.

Adapted from an activity by
Laurel Goodell
February 2013

Mid-Atlantic Ridge

F. Plate motion
Motion across the mid-Atlantic ridge: the South American plate vs. the

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