Gaga Feminism Analysis

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Gaga Feminism
In Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal by J. Jack Halberstam, Halberstam discusses an uncertain definition of gaga feminism and place it within modern politics as “feminism”. She uses Lady Gaga as a symbol for a new era of sexual and gender expression because of the way how Gaga plays with sexuality and gender in her music and videos. According to Halberstam, “ Gaga feminism is a politics that brings together meditations on frame and visibility with a lashing critique of the fixity of roles for males and females” (5). It is very different from old feminism because we have different relationships besides the mom-daughter relationship. Although Halberstam presents her argument through embracement to pop culture, personal approaches, and engaging writing styles; however, many of her insights are limited to her own life and might not be applicable to others.
Halberstam’s commitment to popular culture is inspiring because it means everyone, especially younger people can also relate to her ideas due to easy access to technologies. The author describes gaga feminism is about, “improvisation, customization, and innovation” (xiv). This fits Lady Gaga perfectly because of her crazy performances, unreadable appearance of wild genders and social interaction with fans. People embrace pop culture because they want to be cool like celebrities, Furthermore, it's so easy to see what the celebrities are doing due to the internet being so dominant such as Twitter

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