Gambling Addiction In Today's Society

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In today's society we American's suffer from many addictions. Some people have a drinking problem. Other people have a nicotine addiction. And then there are those who can not seem to kick the illegal drug use. But, all of these addictions are well known and can be treated almost as easily as the common cold. For example, smokers not only have the patch, but they have prescribed gum, billboards and commercials telling people not to smoke, and health programs in schools across the country advising kids not to smoke by showing them ungodly pictures of the effects smoking has to the inside of a person's body. Oh, and let's not forget about the over budgeted attempt to help those who have a drinking problem. It seems that we have done everything from banning alcohol, to setting up A. A. programs, to having interventions. Then we have the lawbreakers-those who use and sell drugs. Heck, everybody goes out of his or her way to rehabilitate these people and advise them not to…show more content…
Most people just think that there is nothing wrong with these people except for the fact that they are stupid enough to gamble away their money. What most people do not know is that gambling can be a compulsion where people are so obsessed with gambling that they gamble for a high. Much like people who have alcohol, drug, and nicotine addictions- there is little help out there for people who have gambling addictions because of that misconception.

For many Americans, gambling is considered a pastime. However, what they don't know is that gambling may lead to a serious addiction. The causes of this addiction can vary. Some people may have gambling passed onto them through their parents genes, others may have gotten the addiction through the pressures of their surrounding environment, but the biggest reason today most people get the addiction is because of the fact that gambling has become more and more
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