Gandaulf's Passage Analysis

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Since Gandalf has resurrect, he serves as the head of the seekers. He drives them to Theoden's passageways, and tells the gatekeepers that they have come back to give back the stallions that Eomer had advanced them. The four associates enter the passage ensuing to relinquishing their weapons, be that as it may they don't get a warm welcome. Theoden is reluctant to show gratefulness; he says this is by virtue of Gandalf frequently declares horrendous news and solicitations help. In truth, it is in light of the fact that Saruman has a puzzle hold tight him as his aide, Wormtongue. Gandalf frees Theoden from the evil effect of Wormtongue. Gandalf then demands that Theoden release Eomer, who has been held prisoner of Wormtongue's knowledge.

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