Gangs: Past and Present

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“Gangs are groups of three or more people who band together for protection, socialization, or financial gain. By joining, members take on a common identity of the gang.” (Staff, 2014) Gangs have existed in America since the American Revolution. The presence of gangs has increased in the U.S.; they affect almost 3,550 jurisdictions as of 2007. (Staff, Gangs, ProQuest LLC., 2014) In recent years, they have even corrupted the most secure organizations, such as the armed forces and professional sports leagues, (Staff, 2014). Gangs have been very common throughout the history of the United States, but the history has greatly impacted our society. In the early 1820’s the first known organized gang was formed, they were known as the Forty Thieves. The crimes they mostly committed were murders, and Robbery, among many other things. A majority of them were young Irish immigrants, who had recently came to America, but they were not the only Irish gang, they were soon rivaled by another Irish group called the Kerryonians who also came to America. (Staff, Gangs Timeline; Leading Issues Time lines, 2014) In 1879, an outlaw in the wild west formed one of the first gangs of the era. That outlaw was Jesse James, and he formed the Jesse James Gang of Outlaws, which consisted of mostly angry Civil War Veterans, Their main purpose was to cause terror throughout the west and cause trouble. Many other gangs were created by famous outlaws throughout this period; such as The Rustlers
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