Gangster Films : The Most Complex Category Of Films

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Introduction Gangster films are the most complex category of films that mirror our views on the moral justice. Crime films centered on criminal activities such as hoodlums, alcohol during prohibition, bank robbery, and petty theft. Admittedly, the criminal activities that featured in the gangster films got executed against the laws, and they were carried out with no regard to the safety of human life. They evolve around gangsters who were motivated to seek power and wealth. The earliest gangster films in the United States can be traced back to the silent epoch of 1897-1927 when the country was experiencing the progressive era (Kolker 67). The crime films during this period capitalized on the social conditions that were being encountered in the United States such as the immigration and urbanization that resulted in increasing of organized crimes, distrust of the government and social anarchy. Apparently, the proliferation of gangster activities and the social disorder led to the emergence of crime films. Importantly, the gangster films of the 1920s and late 1930s led to significant influence to the American cinema gangster mythology. These mythical gangster films were driven in a manner that could reach their epitome where ironically, they got doomed. The characters of these films were described as both heroes and criminals depending on the way the society viewed them. The gangster activities depicted in these early films were as a result of a failed United States economic

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