Gatby : Literary Analysis Of The Great Gatsby

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I thought that this passage was powerful because it gave us a first insight of how important Gatsby really is. When she said, “what Gatsby” that lets the readers know that this is more than just some random person. This passage gives you the idea that Gatsby was very important to Daisy. This passage foreshadows to the readers that all the feelings Daisy had for Gatsby are about to come back.The only reason Gatsby decided to become rich and buy a big house Is that he wanted Daisy’s attention. Daisy is only attracted to money. It may look like Gatsby is just acting like any other rich person by throwing fancy parties and having a lot of flashy things but all of it, Is to attract Daisy. This quote is so important because it shows what Gatsby's main goal throughout the whole entire novel which is to get Daisy back. This quote is significant because it just shows how much love Daisy has for Gatsby. The quote did a good job of letting the readers think about much Daisy misses Gatsby and how the feelings for him are coming back. She can’t even touch his shirts without crying. Readers can tell through this quote it signifies one of the main themes which is love.In this quote, you can infer that Tom is basically saying that wealth alone will not make you fit in with the upper class in this novel. In order to really fit in not only must you be wealthy but you must also be educated which is one of the smaller themes in this novel. This quote also shows jealousy Tom is so overly jealous

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