Gateway Of The United States

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Gateway to be Americanize
America is the number one country that people from all around the world want to come in order to have a better life. To be able to enter the United States legally, the country requires a Visa for entering and be able to stay in the period of time. However there are some people that happen to enter the country illegally without the visa. According to the Migration Policy institute, in 2012 there are 11.4 undocumented immigrants in the US. and 4.1 million undocumented immigrants who brought children who were under 16 to the country with them. Unfortunately, the children who come to America illegally at such a young age do not know about their status in the country. They embrace America as their own country and they are familiar with the US. more than the countries that they were born in. Moreover young undocumented immigrants who grow up in America more likely to eager to push themselves to be nearly as American. Education is what makes them move to the middle class, to be Americanized. Although, the road for young undocumented immigrants had been impossible to reach, but the government has been introduced the policy that makes young undocumented students’ lives more reality which are “DACA and DREAMS Act”. DACA and DREAM act are the policies that have good benefits to young undocumented immigrants, however, there are downsides to this two policies that could harm immigrants who live in America illegally. In America, there might be 1.8 million out of

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