Gay Marriage Must Be Legal Essay

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Legal marriage is the right of all Americans regardless of their sexual orientation. Gay marriage is certainly a hot button issue. It invokes an emotional dialogue filled with passion, rage, hate and fear. However, at the base of it all, are two people who are in a committed relationship living normal and productive lives and contributing to society in a positive manner. This issue is being debated in every state of the union, and will eventually go to the Supreme Court. Gay people want to formalize their relationship and gain some of the legal standing and support that is given to heterosexual couples on a daily basis. Sadly, in most of this country, gay people are denied this right and not allowed to participate in what is a natural…show more content…
The amendment imposed a "special disability upon those persons alone." The only way homosexuals could obtain civil rights protection under Colorado law would be to convince enough citizens to vote to amend the state constitution. The kinds of protections that Amendment 2 would take away were those "against exclusion from an almost limitless number of transactions and endeavors that constitute civic life in a free society."("Romer v. Evans." West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005. Retrieved February 21, 2011 from Whereas, this ruling does nothing to insure the rights of gay people to marry, it goes a long way in aiding in the fact that denying the basic right to marry is basically unconstitutional in and of itself. Justice Andrews’ implies the decision to deny gay people the right to marry is the very basic fact on which I will base my argument: There is nothing “constitutional” about the denial of the right to marry. In fact, an examination of the both the pro and anti-gay marriage arguments will show that there are no reasonable grounds on which to deny people the right to marry (meaning that the anti-gay marriage contingent is rooting its logic in the personal biases of a large segment of public opinion). Those who argue against he right of gays and lesbians to marry want people to believe that by allowing gay marriage, the very foundation of our society will come crashing down around

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