Ged210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Unit 2 Exam

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1. One goal of anthropological linguistics is to determine the number of phonemes (phoneticstructure) that exist in different languages. This goal is accomplished by employing the use of:
• minimal pairs
• phone taps
• maximal differences
• syntax units 2. The word “lower” contains:
• two bound morphemes
• two bound phonemes
• two free morphemes
• one bound morpheme and one free morpheme …show more content…

According to Franz Boas, in order to conduct a historical particularist study of a society, one must adopt the notion of ___________, or the belief that each society should be understood in terms of its own cultural practices and values.
• particular evolution
• cultural relativism
• lagged diffusionism
• functionalism 14. During your lifetime you will probably be a member of two families, the family of orientation (the family into which you were born and enculturated) and the family of __________ (the family in which you will have or adopt children).
• acculturation
• deculturation
• procreation
• life 15. Which of the following is not a function of the family?
• nurture and enculturation of children
• regulation of sexual activity
• protection and support for members
• regulation of statuses, roles, and gender 16. A typical ____________ family consists of two parents and their immediate biological offspring or adopted children.
• basic
• atomic
• extended
• nuclear 17. Marriage within the same social group or category is __________, while __________ is marriage between people from different social categories or groups.
• incest; outcest
• endogamy; exogamy
• in-marriage; out-marriage
• monogamy; polygamy 18. From a female perspective, you will be a daughter and possibly a mother and wife. As such, you assume what are called __________ roles that correspond to these different status positions.
• family

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