Gender Analysis Of The Disney Film Mulan

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Gender Analysis of the Disney Film Mulan
According to the United Nations “Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and therefore also half of its potential. But, today gender inequality persists everywhere and stagnates social progress.” Women have always been perceived as inferior in every way to their male counterparts, this is ever so apparent in many aspects for women in their day to day lives. For example, the military has traditionally been described as a masculine discipline. Due to this early misconception, female soldiers have been seen as extraordinary. Take the female warrior Mulan, she is perceived to symbolize female strength and power. While the Walt Disney film Mulan differs from some aspects of actual Chinese culture, it’s still empowering to women of all cultures. Mulan proves her strength, by not giving up and proving that she is more than her gender. Although in society we believe we are straying away from gender stereotyping and traditional gender roles, the classic Walt Disney film Mulan proves that we still have work to do when it comes to breaking these stereotypes and gender norms.
One of the first songs in Mulan is titled “Honor to Us All,” it claims that the only way a woman can bring honor to her family is by marriage. Mulan struggles to meet the hopes and standards of the matchmaker but tries her best as to keep her family from disgrace. One of the lines in the song states, “Men want girls with good taste, calm, obedient, who work fast-paced with good breeding, and a tiny waist, you’ll bring honor to us all.” This line shows that the only thing that matters when it comes to women is their external characteristics. They are not allowed to have opinions or a say in anything. There is also a lyric that claims “We all must serve our Emperor, who guards us from the Huns. A man by bearing arms, a girl by bearing sons.” This lyric insinuates that a woman’s sole purpose is to bear children in order to properly serve the Emperor, who happens to be a man. While times may have changed since this time period, men are still telling women what to do when it comes to their bodies and their roles as women in society.
Another popular song from the film, called “I’ll Make a Man Out
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