Gender Aspects Of Gender Roles In South Africa

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As most of us may know gender roles are the roles that us women and men play in society. Our society has a set of ideas for how they expect men and women to be. They determine how us females and males think, speak, dress and interact with society. Children begin to learn about gender roles at a very young. Around the age of three they begin to notice the differences between girls and boys. They are passed on from one generation to another. Gender roles are constantly changing throughout time. Gender roles are different all around the world. Each society, ethnic group, and culture have different gender role expectations. Gender roles in South Africa are similar yet different to gender roles in other countries. They are similar …show more content…

The women on the other hand will stay home to take care of their children and their home. Throughout recent years women have begun to pursue an education or a career. I recently traveled to Mexico and noticed many women working in the town square making homemade food and selling it. This clearly shows that women are beginning to work outside more. The reason they do this is so they can also help their husband more with any expenses that they have. China has very different gender roles compared to other countries. In China being a man usually means that you are the head of the house, but in other countries women are typically considered to be the ones who are the head of the house. The women are obedient to the men due to the fact that they are the ones who are the head of the house. Ever since the beginning women were taught to always follow the lead of men. The role for men is to provide to their families and continue their family bloodline. In China if the man were to die the women would have to take over, but only until the eldest son is at age to take over. China has its own gender role descriptions as well just like Mexico and they are YIN and Yang. YIN or “women” are described as soft, passive, and weak. YANG or “man” is described as hard, dominating and assertive. Both these descriptions have had a strong impact on gender roles in China In the United States things are

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