Gender Aspects Of The Sailor Moon And Sailor Moon

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Commercials on television for superheroes always had them men doing the saving and then the women needing to be saved. The very few “girl superheroes” that were well known were Wonder Woman, Super Girl and Storm. However, in anime there are a bunch of girls fighting to save the world and saving the men. Sailor Moon is on top of the list when it comes to girl power, being released in 1992, and Sailor Moon Crystal was released in 2014. Sailor moon was seen by some critics as sexualized, but others argue that it isn’t as bad as some of the other animes that were released after Sailor Moon. Girl superheroes in anime were a mix of being sexy and cute, and the sexy in Sailor Moon was just a bunch of short skirts, high heels, and a small amount of cleavage. Sailor Moon challenged the norms in Japan when it came to gender roles, sexual orientation and presentation of womanhood.
At an early age, girls were pushed to follow gender roles especially when it was in the early 1990s. It was something different to see on the television screens girls fighting and challenging gender roles. In Sailor Moon, the audience witness a reverse role with the girls being the heroes, even though the male character Tuxedo Mask can also be a hero, his role was minimal because it was the sailor scouts that did most, if not all of the work. Victoria Newsom in her critical essay said
“Historically, like almost every culture on the planet, Japan has tended toward idealizing male dominance and female

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