Gender Differences In The Film Osama

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Osama The film Osama is a great example of the gender differences in different societies. It showed cultural differences and how women are treated compared to men in different countries with different values. The film shows how male dominated their society is and how passive women are expected to be. The film opens with a little boy and then you see a group of women protesting the fact that they are not allowed to work. The film then shows a lady and her daughter who are alone, but not part of the protest. The Taliban, which is composed of only men, then shows up and everyone starts running from them, if they are caught they will go to jail. The women and the young daughter escape and are then seen in a room where she is trying to treat a dying man. The Taliban then shows up here again, the lady hides her daughter and the man’s son pretends that they are with him. Throughout the movie, you find out that the woman and her daughter live with her grandmother and she has no man escorting her. They are very poor and since women cannot work, they have no food. The grandmother then tells the young girl that she must pretend to be a boy in order to go work so they could survive. The film focuses on her struggles pretending to be a boy and how she is eventually caught. Throughout the movie, the inferiority of women is evident. Women are not allowed to communicate with men other than their husbands or father. This is shown in the movie by the scene where the lady is trying to treat

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