Gender Norm Media And Culture

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Name: Po-Chin Wu
RIN: 661401218
Course: STSS-1520 Sociology
Date: 10/9/2015
Gender norm in media and culture
Dozens of action movies are produced every year by Hollywood. Not to mention how widely most violent scenes such as guns and kills are accepted in most of them. Although most may view them only as entertainments, it is undeniable that the overexposed ideas of power and dauntless from not only the movies but our daily media had slowly changed our social norms toward gun and violent. Over 900 mass shootings, defined as having four or more fatalities in one incident by CNN, has happened in less than three years since 2013. When in fact, as TV news and newspapers intended to inform titles like “a student opened fire” or “people are shot dead in a historic black church”, almost none marked out the issue on gender or men in the titles. African-Americans, psychotics, Mexicans, and immigrants are more often to be written in contents of violence, whereas only few articles wrote about white men, who also build up a big part of our masculinity society. In the past, violence came from anger in specific reasons; today, violence has become a way to represent our toughness and masculinity. Not only did our popular culture lead us to a narrower idea of distinct gender behaviors, such as men to be brave and women to be sensitive, our media provides us even more contents toward normalizing what should be violent and incorrect.
Our every day mass media has emerged into the most powerful

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