Gender Roles In Oedipus The King, Mending Wall And Birches

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Question 1 The 1st person point of view narrator has been significantly used in all the three works covered in class. These are; ‘Oedipus the King’, ‘Mending Wall’ and ‘Birches’. In all these works, the authors have used the first person point of view in the subjective case. This was meant to relate us the readers, with the other characters and events in the stories. The 1st person point of view was expressed in singular pronouns such as; I, me, my, mine and myself. Alternatively, it was expressed in plural pronouns such as; we, us, our and ourselves. By use of these pronouns, the respective authors immersed us into their minds. Therefore, we the readers are allowed a first-hand experience of the events in the story. Question 2 The works covered; ‘Oedipus the King’ and ‘Birches’ are all demonstrative to the comprehension gender and gender roles have in the society. To begin with, it has been established by history that the distinct roles attached to gender are as a consequence of our socialization. Generally, men have always retained an upper hand compared to women as the society has defined this to be so. Traditionally, access to education, socially acceptable experience and even financial power were in favor of men such that by extension, more men ventured into literature than women. As a result, most of these works are written by men. The different roles women and men characters play in the stories are also largely influenced by the society’s views. Women are portrayed
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