Gender Roles Of The House

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The house has at times been a symbol of women’s roles, between 1944 and 1982 the relationship women had with the house changed. This relationship change is indicative to the changing times and the role women played in the house, in the family, and in society. The influences that I believe initiated these changes fall into three themes: 1. The marriage relationship and outside paid work, 2. Education and its impact on femininity, and 3. Technology and its impact on domesticity. The three themes address issues that women navigated as society changed as their roles in the home and outside of the home changed. I will briefly address each theme and then delve into the relationship between marriage and work outside of the home.
The three themes transverse the political, social, economic, and cultural ideological spheres affecting gender roles. In the first theme, I contemplate the motivation for marriage shifting with some women finding security, stability, and identity framed outside of the traditional ideas of marriage. The second theme addresses the idea that as women had opportunities to further their education the social construct of femininity changed. The expectation of marriage and motherhood were not the only defining ideal of what it meant to be feminine. A single professional woman had the capacity to be feminine just like the feminine ideal from the Victorian Era. Finally, in the last theme I see America devoting itself to innovation and technology changing how we…
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