Gender Stereotypes Based On Gender And Gender Devity

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There are continuous expectations made based on gender, especially in social contexts. However, men and women are no longer considered to be on a dichotomized scale when measured in a biological sense. It is considered in poor taste as discussed in Stephanie Shield’s’ ‘Functionism, Darwinism, and the Psychology of Women’ to say that there are brain functions and sexual characteristics in women that differ them from men completely. Gender differences once taken for granted may no longer be true. When it comes to evaluating handwriting, however, these antiquated philosophies have not seemed to die out. We perceive boys and men to have sloppiness to their handwriting that is more so expected and assumed. For women and girls, untidier handwriting comes as more surprising and doesn’t match the ladylike tendencies we like to assume for them. As sexist as these stereotypes are, we still use them as the basis for figuring out the science behind handwriting, as is in the case of John Beech and Isla Mackintosh’s study on sex hormones and sex role identity.
Graphology has been used as a determent of a person’s personality traits through patterns of handwriting. This is not widely accepted in mainstream science because of its unreliability; it has been based more on anecdotal evidence rather than empirical analysis (Beech & Mackintosh, 2005). “There is a study suggesting that our hormones can play a part in the styles of men and women’s handwriting. Even though there may be slight

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