Gender Violence And Sexual Violence In Fairy Tales

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The frequent use of connotations in the tales helps readers to associate the reality with the fantasy. Some fairy tales implicitly conveys some content that are not so suitable for children, yet they do not directly tell the message by showing all the violent scenes. As the adults somehow find it hard to tell the truth to their children, they need a tale like Little Red Cap to introduce a sensitive but important concept to the next generation. Scholars suggest that Little Red Cap is a story about rape (Cashdan, 9). Little Red Cap and her grandma are consumed by the aggressive wolf. The active role of a male preys on the passive innocent girl illustrates gender violence and sexual violence clearly. If we reread the lines in the story once again by holding the lens of thinking the story in this way, all the lines have …show more content…

The aforementioned lines suddenly become suspicious and erotic to the readers. Indeed, fairy tales are soaked with “blatant sexual references thus yielded to stories that catered more to childhood sensibilities (Cashdan, 10)” Another example from Rapunzel of telling and not telling is that the flow of the storyline mentions how Rapunzel has no social contact with the outside word before the day she meets the prince, the old witch then cut her hair and take her to the lonely dessert place. The story naturally flows to the part when she sees her prince again after her exile, she is “with the twins that she had given birth to (Grimm, 1)”. It is conceivable that there are some missing parts in the story that are not mentioned in the text, the existence of the twins implies that some reproductive behavior happens in the tower when she first encounters the

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