General Dentistry On Cosmetic Dentistry Essay

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Dr. Jack Lange and Dr. Cheryl Simms have practiced general dentistry for the past 4 years as an associateship and planning to emphasize more on cosmetic dentistry under the partnership to increase their market. For this way, Dr. Simms pursued to promote their practice through a new form of advertisement. Dr. Lange didn’t agree with the content of advertising at the first place due to some ethical issues, however, he would have eventually been convinced that this could be a good idea if they are pursuing practice promotion through advertising.
The ethical problem, in this case, would be as following; Autonomy-“The dentist has a duty to respect the patient’s right to self-determination and confidentiality.” (ADA Code, Sec.1), if the professional put his or her interested first, and give false or misleading information to vulnerable patients, it could infringe patient’s autonomy.
Non-maleficence- “The dentist has a duty to refrain from harming the patient.” (Sec 2), an unnecessary procedure and overtreatment of esthetic dentistry
Beneficence- “The dentist has a duty to promote the patient’s welfare.” (Sec. 3), in order to give benefit to a patient, advertisement intend to increase patient’s dental awareness and promote patient’s oral health and desirable esthetics dentistry rather than selling dentistry and focusing on dentist’s self-interest to inflate their income.
Veracity- “professionals have a duty to be honest and trustworthy” (Sec. 5). Statements referring to the general

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