Generalized Anxiety Disorders: A Case Study

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Most people have an internal issue they would like to change about themselves. Whether it be a specific phobia, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder or agoraphobia many will hide those things that frustrate them. Confidentially speaking, I am a victim of generalized anxiety disorder. Until recently, I have hidden depression, fear and a nervous sickness from all my family and friends. “As of 2013, one in nine people worldwide has had an anxiety disorder in the past year.” (Craske & Stein, p. 3048) Fear is the result of sensing an imminent threat, whereas anxiety anticipates a perceived future threat. Both fear and anxiety are common reactions in everyday life. However, when anxiety persist and interferes with …show more content…

My coach was a former NCA cheerleader star that believed little girls could do high school stunts. I remember as she started to train me, she expected more and more from me. At first it was fun, but then I started to get sweaty palms, butterflies in my stomach, dizziness and I notice my heartbeat was pumping way to fast. I would practice hard at home anticipating what my coach would demand from me next. The more I practiced the more she demanded. Then it happened, she recommended me for an NCA competition cheer team. But not just any team, this team won all the national and international competitions every year. I have always been self-conscious about my height and feared what people thought of me. And of course, the new team made me their flyer immediately. As they through me higher and higher into the air I developed even more complex fears. We practiced almost every day after school for four hours. And before I knew it I found myself on the front row at my first NCA cheer competition. My dad was so excited for me, he allowed me to fill up on Red Bulls the night before. I had finally made it, but then my hands started to sweat, my forehead became cold, butterflies were all in my stomach and just as the music started I vomited all over the NCA mats. They stopped the music and rushed me backstage. That is when all my fears became …show more content…

I started to have jitters around new people in crowds and days before school test I would almost pass out anticipating how well I would or would not do. Simple tasks began to slip and in frustration I would say things I did not mean that hurt people. “A psychological construct known as intolerance of uncertainty, the tendency to react negatively to situations that are uncertain, has been shown to be a relatively specific characteristic of persons with generalized anxiety disorders.” (Stein & Sareen, p. 2060) The mere fact that I could not stop these feelings started to send me into deep depression when I had alone time. That is when my dad first noticed that simple things I should be enjoying, became a competition that I would always spin to not being good

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