Generational And Immigrants In America

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America is said to be built on the backs of immigrants, taking the world's poor, hungry, and tired and giving them a place of refuge and opportunity. Being a first generation Russian Jewish American I grew up in a very traditional and religious household in which I learned Russian before English. I lived with my family in a basement apartment in Brooklyn barely getting by, having many family members watch over me, while my parents worked hours on end to make ends meet. Looking back on my earlier family life, it's amazing how far my family has come, and how much we have adapted and modernized. Throughout middle and high school, we learned early American history, specifically the large waves of immigration of Jews to the United States in the early twentieth century, and another wave in the seventies. Being a sophomore at the University of Maryland and meeting hundred of kids, and being around thousands on campus its crazy to see all the different backgrounds and groups of people have come to this establishment of higher learning. How did so many young adults from so many different backgrounds make it all in one place, and how have the different groups of people both generational, and immigrant take living our modern world and trying to find impact and wanting to make a difference in the world. First Generation Americans are spread out through the United States, and are using their new lives in America to grab onto the massive amounts of opportunity to grow and live a better

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