Gentrification Theory Paper

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This paper will explore the history of Williamsburg and the impact that gentrification has had on the neighborhood. There will be a specific focus on examining how this gentrification
Triumph of the city

Problem Description:
Williamsburg has become one of the most popular areas in the New York City. In the last fiteen years, the neighborhood has transformed from a hub of industry and haven for immigrants to a neighborhood filled with young professionals and a thriving art scene. According to NYU’s Furman Center, Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods saw average rent increase by 78.7 percent between 1990 and 2014, compared to 22.1 percent in the city as a whole (Kinney, 2016). These massive rent increases have meant that many long-term residents of Williamsburg can no longer afford to live in the neighborhood.
Background Information and History of Gentrification in Williamsburg: Williamsburg is located on the North end of Brooklyn, New York and for centuries has served as a thriving hub of manufacturing and industry due to its access to ports and short distance from Manhattan. In the early twentieth century, many Polish and Italian immigrants settled on the North side of Williamsburg because of the …show more content…

This theory describes how the “land based elites” are able to control the government and city to represent their interests. Part of this theory describes how local governments are often serve the interests of the elite who own land by passing policies that allow the value of the land in their cities to substantially increase. In the case of Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York City’s mayor approved the waterfront zone change from an industrial zone to residential zone in order to increase the value of the land and appease the developers of the land (Martucci,

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