George Orwell Politics And The English Language Summary

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Written and spoken language is what sets humans apart from other animals as intellectuals, but if our language is declining, is the intellect of our society going down the same slope. In his essay “Politics and the English Language,” written in the post World War II era, George Orwell discusses the direction our English language is going in and how the manipulation of language is being used in politics. In the essay Orwell states, “the English language is in a bad way” (Orwell in Shea, Scanlon, Aufses 707). I agree with his statement, due to the affect the music industry is having on teens today and the rhetoric used in the recent election. In his essay, Orwell discusses the different factors that have caused the deterioration of the English language and the way in which it …show more content…

Today we live in a country in which rhetoric can make the most controversial ideas normal, and can take a modern and progressive America back a couple steps. Some say the recent election has been won by clever use of rhetoric; to whom that rhetoric appealed to is a whole other story. During the last election, a video of Donald Trump was exposed, in which Trump said some statements that question his respect for women. When asked to respond to his own comments in the video, Trump dismissed it as “locker-room talk” (Farenthold). The problem with this response is that the audience is not told what locker-room talk is, and why it is okay to say disrespectful statements about women in a locker-room. The truth is that this response did not explain anything on Trumps end. Instead it was a vague and meaningless phrase that distracted the audience from Trump’s actions. This strategy is becoming more and more common in politics, signifying a decline in our

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