German Historian, By Heinrich Von Treitschke

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The ability to inspire people to feel pride towards one’s country, can hinder the ability for people to realize what is morally right and wrong. Heinrich von Treitschke, a German historian, argued that Germans should view nationalism as the ideology to live by. Whether it involved having to fight in wars or allowing the monarchy to obtain the majority of the power, Germans had to do what is right for the country. Treitschke argued that if Germany was going to thrive among other countries, the people of Germany had to accept the fact that not all races are created equal. These ideologies proved to have a significant impact in the twentieth century due to the fact that Hitler used the same ideologies in the nineteen thirties. This eventually lead to genocide as many people were unaware of the negative consequences of nationalism. The ideas of one person can be devastating, as it can lead to a misconception on how to properly run a country.

In order to prove an idea, one must compare it to other countries in order to show its superiority. Heinrich von Treitschke, wrote the “History of Germany in the Nineteenth Century,” which outlined his nationalist ideology. Treitschke, was not only an historian but he was also very involved in politics as he was a member of parliament for thirteen years. The reason why Treitschke wrote his famous document was due to the fact that he wanted show people how to make Germany a superior nation. Furthermore, he wanted to illustrate how Germany

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